Skychalk is an experiment in location-based communication - a new way for you to engage with people around you. The concept is simple - you can post any message to any location, and anyone can read it.

SkyChalk puts you in charge - zoom the map to any area, from a whole city to a street corner, and see what's been written. Post anonymously. Post as yourself.

We're not about check-ins, badges, or showing off to your friends - we're about local dialogues with the people that are actually around us. Say something to a neighbor or a visitor passing by. Advertise a yard sale or publicize your event. Suggest something to a local business or perhaps leave a personal memory under your favorite tree.

Get in touch with the people who share the world you actually live in.

It's time to Chalk.

Talk to your neighbors.
Find nearby events.
Learn about local history.
Organize a new group.
Share hyperlocal news.
Flirt with that girl in the cafe.
Sell your old couch.
Get a local's opinion.

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