Frequently Asked Questions
What is this?
This is a site where you can post any message to any physical location, and anyone can read it.
What does that mean?
It means you have a new way of communicating and connecting with people around you and sharing information about places nearby.
How does it work?
Take our 30 second tour.
How can I use it?
Use it to say something to someone nearby - it might be a missed connection, a question for people in the area, a garage sale announcement, a local issue that warrants discussion. Or just explore the map and see what others have said around your favorite places.
How is this different from Twitter and Facebook?
On Twitter and Facebook, you share with "followers" and "friends." On SkyChalk, you share information in a location and other people who care about that location will see it. SkyChalk allows you to reach neighbors and people around you - people you may not "follow" on other sites.
Well then this must be Foursquare or Yelp.
Nope, this isn't about checkins or badges! Reviews are welcome but by no means the focus of the site. We also don't tie posts to venues - you can post at your favorite cafe, but you browse posts by location only (not by venue).
Why do I need this in my life?
SkyChalk allows you to share locally relevant information and stay up to date on news, deals, and gossip about your neighborhood. Don't you want to know what people have posted on your street? On a more whimsical note, it allows you to forge a deeper connection to the places you live and travel, by fostering communication and sharing with others who feel the same way.
Aren't there enough of these websites?
We think the world needs at least one more. We hope SkyChalk can have a positive influence on real-world communities and encourage people to connect more to the places around them.
Why would I register when I can post anonymously?
Registration allows you to manage your posts, send messages to other users, build up a reputation, and it allows you receive email updates when you receive new comments or replies. Most importantly, it allows you to subscribe to places.
What are Subscribed Places?
Registered users can select up to 3 places they care about, and we will send them a weekly digest of new activity in their area (if there is any). Keeping up with happenings and funny commentary in your neighborhood has never been easier.
How does voting work?
Voting posts up or down determine's a post's popularity. Users can then sort posts to see what is most popular in any given area. We also use votes to determine which posts to include in Subscribed Places digests.
Isn't anonymous posting a recipe for spam and inappropriate content?
We carefully monitor the site for spam and inappropriate content. If you see anything we miss, please Flag it.
How could a small business owner use this site?
SkyChalk is a great way to announce to the community any changes at your business - a new menu, an expansion, a new local deal. Just post the message above your business and people who are browsing or subscribed to that location will see it. You can also monitor the site for feedback or to answer questions about the business.
Who is behind this website?
Scott Wen and Justin Krause. We started the site in October 2011 and both live near Alamo Square in San Francisco.
Do you plan to create apps? Add pictures?
Yes and yes.
I have another question.
Ask us and we'll get back to you!

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